Whitetail Buck Fawn

We are a farm located in Alabama right next to the Chattahoochee River. We have been farming for seven years and absolutely love it. We have a passion for breeding and raising healthy, big frame, typical deer with excellent bloodlines.  This farm consists of eighteen acres of breeding facilities, a fawning pen, and a high fence hunting preserve with hunting camp.



As a native to this area, owner, Rodney Cook, can remember going out in the woods to hunt and seeing many big bucks to hunt. Due to agricultural reasons these deer are harder and harder to find here in Alabama. “I take pride in deer farming. I am able to bring a hunter a beautiful, typical buck here in Alabama. It is a thrill to make that hunters dream a reality.”.



Southern Dixie Whitetail is a licensed Game Breeder in the State of Alabama with outstanding genetic influence. Southern Dixie Whitetail uses highest quality genetics from the largest sires in the world. Southern Dixie Whitetail is a whitetail deer hunting facility on a family-owned hunting preserve with wooded hills, valleys, and creek bottoms. Southern Dixie Whitetail has developed the most outstanding whitetail deer hunting in the Central Alabama area. If you are looking for a hunt of a life time, a trophy whitetail, or just a place to relax and hunt, please give us a call at Southern Dixie Whitetail.

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